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(6) sticks (12 oz)  Maple Cheddar Sticks 


Each pack of dried sausage is:-gourmet food, cured meat, pork, smoked sausage in a natural casing.-gluten-free, keto friendly, an excellent source of protein


Enjoy our delicious smoked sausage that is infused with pure maple syrup, dried sage, aged cheddar cheese, and sea salt. Forestiere uses 100% pork and does not add chemicals, additives, or fillers.  The sausage is made with expertise by a certified executive chef, smoked over hickory wood chips, and than dried to perfection. Only the freshest ingredients are used and we produce our links with a natural casing.


Our maple cheddar sticks make for a great snack on your charcuterie board; as well as in your favorite breakfast or brunch recipe. The cured meat is all-natural, gluten-free, and keto friendly due to the small amount of grade B maple syrup that we use.  The saturated fat and sodium content is much lower than store bought brands and we strive to produce only quality food items. The meat is preserved with a curing salt; however, please refrigerate if not eaten immediately to ensure flavor and consistency. As a chef, we strive for "fresh;" therefore, suggest ordering close to the time of your special event or gifting. The shelf life of this product is 2-weeks if refrigerated.
What makes Forestiere LLC different? We pride ourselves on freshness; while only using all-natural casings, no chemicals or preservatives. The sausage can be eaten immediately, grilled or added into your favorite dish. The sausage is tastefully packaged and shipped using Priority Mail (1-3 days).

Maple Cheddar Sticks

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